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Hey look I'm back!!

I had the best day today!! ...actually the beginning kinda sucked. I got up around nine and took a shower and tended to my other grooming needs as I do every morning. I picked up my room, listened to some music, did the bare minimum of homework, and then the fighting happened. You know same old, same old, shouting, crying, calling it quits, storming out, blah, blah, blah. So I told my brother I loved him and ditched and as soon as I got out side it was beautiful! It totally changed my mood around. It was just one of those days that I wanted to get in my car, blast my stereo, and drive forever, away from everything and everyone and never look back, but I didn't.

I drove into town and did my cleaning job for my usual forty bucks and then I called Krissy and it turned out that i had an hour to kill, so I decided to call Q. Q informed me that I should venture over to her house in an undisclosed location in case this journal gets into the wrong hands (KC). Anyway, when I got there I chilled for a while and Q called Frances to make plans because they were going to hang out along with Laney, in said phone call a game of hide and seek was planned in which Q was going to hide before Laney and Frances got there and they were going to look for her. When Q hung up she recruited me to help her find a hiding place.

"Whoa this is the fist time I've ever been in a dryer before..."

"I need to go to a junk yard and find a dryer so I can put it in my living room and chill out in there when I have people over...I'll pimp it out and people can sit on top of it!"

You can take from that what you will...

Then I hung out with Krissy...which always proves to be amusing...enough said about that and the phallic super-bowl trophy.

Next I went to a super-bowl party at Dan's house and I wasn't surprised that I had a good time but I was surprised by how much of a good time i had. These are such good kids, I'm kinda sorry that I'm just getting to know them now so late in my high school adventures but a few people there were also looking into the same school that I'm looking into so I was quite pleased.

All in all a very very good day, good times spent with good people and good dryers.

I'll try and update more I think I'm getting more into this Live Journal things.

See/Talk to you cool cats later.


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