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Ok that's enough of CAPS but it was enjoyable for a short while. I'm in Literary Voices of the Holocaust and I should be working on a project that's due Friday but I'm not going to be here Friday for I will be at Districts Music Festival. HOORAY!! lkuyf--says Krissy (she happens to be sitting next to me and decided to distract me from ignoring my work...and now she's be choked by Elliott and will never be able to eat again apparently.

So pretty much I had nothing to do today because I had chorus and chamber singers and now I'm doing this haha. But in all seriousness we made some really great progress in Chamber singers today. I'm so excited to compete. We started "O Nata Lux" and got the first two pages "learned" they need a lot of work but the progress we made was amazing! We have a really awesome group this year.

And I'll probably have to finsh this update up later...Krissy found a website with "Your mom" jokes on it.

So far the best one is "Your Mom is your Dad's wife" and the dirtiest one was "Your mom's like a bowling ball she's picked up, fingered, and thrown in the gutter"

Tata for now
"your mom is a sexy beast and she enjoys shreaded provlone chesse"

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