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OK first of all mad mad props to Q for the journal layout how hot is this shit huh?

(in cheesy announcer voice)
Now back to your regular journal entry.

So there is this creepy person that keeps leaving toys in my locker and I don’t know who it is. Before vacation they left a slinky in my locker and so when i got back to school there was this totally awesome little car toy thing. I like the little presents but it's really creepy not knowing who it is that is leaving me things.

I'm back at school and it's not really as bad as I thought it was going to be. I started writing this new fic called "Footloose and Fancy Free" and I have been throwing ideas out for my friends to listen to and they seem truly excited for it. I'm a little worried that I'm going to disappoint them and so hopefully that works out.

I'm so excited for tomorrow night I'm going to Laney's house with Emma. We are going to make awesome toothbrush bracelets watch the Newsies and the new episodes of RFR so it's going to be awesome. Than Saturday I have to do work at the condo and I really don't want to but I'm going to get paid $10 dollars an hour for it.

Wow my life is extremely boring that's all for now I'll talk later.
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(no subject)

So sorry about the double update yesterday Live Journal told me it didn't work and to update again.
I'm in a very peaceful and pensive mood right now. It was beautiful outside today and I went for a really long walk with some really great music and it was so...gratifying and eye-opening. I just listened to my music and thought about myself and my friends and breathed in the clean cool air. I realized how great it was to just be outside and in my own head. For a few short minutes I understood how truly wonderful my friends are and I didn't take anything for granted. I appreciated everyone and everything and it didn't matter how messed up things could, or would, get because I had the sense that everything was going to be ok and the stuff that couldn't be fixed wasn't that big of a deal and I, or whoever was involved would get through it. It was such spiritual experience. I came to the realization that all of me friends near and far are truly amazing in some way or another. They all have something that makes them special and irreplaceable and I don't know where I would be with out them. I wouldn't be who I am if i didn't have them a few in particular (you know who you are) and for the first time in a long time I felt truly grateful for what I have become and for how I've changed and I could see in full how much I have changed since even last year. So I hope that whoever reads this gets to experience this sometime soon. So Love to everyone I'm out I'll write again later.
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Hey Hey Hey

OK so I am now home and it's good to be back in my own room. I had a great time with Laney and Taylor last night we went downtown and went to Radiobean and I tried Steamed Maple Milk and it was really really good I recommend it to anybody that likes Maple Syrup. So after that we went back to Laney's house and Taylor got to see all of the "Newsies" as in the whole thing and he liked it and made some awesome comments. He now knows who the characters are and he understands more of our random jokes ::FLASHABCK::

Q/Emma/Laney: :sniffs: KP you smell like sex
KP: I know that's how I got the quarter, the guy told me everyone was doing it on the ass.

And I saw the movies "Mambo Italiano" and "Battle At Shaker Heights" which were both very good so now on my list of things to see

Austin Powers in Gold Member (for dancing hotness from Swifty {Kevin Stea} and Itey {Dominic Maldonado}) because I have heard from a very good source, Quimby that they are both extremely hot.

a bunch of other Indie films such as
"The Soldiers Girl"
"In America"
and others (I was watching the Spirit Awards and I have a whole list but those stuck out)

Anyway i guess I'm gonna get running i have homework but I think I’m just going to practice my music and ignore my homework and do some writing instead I still have two more days of haha.

I would like to say thank you to Taylor who puts up with all of my randomness and doesn't even seem to mind and is the coolest kid ever because...he just is HE'S TAYLOR
and to Laney who is the absolute best person ever because she is awesome and she has crazy ideas and adventures like bringing people soup when they are sick and then actually follows through with me
and I want to give a congrats to Q who is doing so incredibly well I can't even tell you how proud of you i am you are such an inspiration and i miss you tons and I'm doing this live journal for you. you are the best person in Rhode Island ("and prob'ly anywhere else")hahaha
SO I'll catch ya when I catch ya which will be later
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You Down with OMD?...Yeah you Know Me

Well here we go I started this for one of my best friends Q (quailgirl) because i promised her I would. I'm at my friend Laney's house right now. God I have so much fun with her. It's really nice because I haven't hung out with her in.... forever and I forgot how completely fun and insane she is. I've been told I'm pretty insane as well (I hope that's a good insane but I don't really care.) It's great because we really understand eachother. Well I understand her I'm not sure how much anyone truely understands my thought process one minute I'm talking about one thing and the next I'm on a comepletely different topic. Ok, ok I admit it I speak "tangent" fluently. So far today we have watched some TV and D2:The Mighty Ducks and let me tell you i love Aaron Lorh to death but he is no Dean Portman, he will always be sweet little (RIPPED :cough cough:) Mush from "The Newsies" in my mind. So thus concludes my first entry and I'll be back sometime soon to update.
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