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music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination

...and life to everything!

10 August
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  • Sparky4326
Other people say I'm: enthusiastic, crazy, lively, euphoric, volacious, risorial, musical, obsessive, funny, energetic, excitable, a combo of bitchin', awesome, sexified, fantabulous, and awesome (yet again), super-awesome, peppy, exceptional, awesomest, energetic, loving, bitchy (in the most entertaining way possible), a sweetheart, enthusiastic, bubbly, amazing, fun, altruistic, and effervescent.

I say I'm: an idea girl. I get sometimes awesome, sometimes awful, but always totally random ideas, and I know who my true friends are because they put up with me when I get one and think it's do-able. And I'm all about having fun! That's why we are brought on to this earth, to have fun with life.